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Natural Gas Safety

Every day, natural gas and propane pipelines safely carry two of the world’s most efficient, reliable and environmentally-friendly fuels to businesses, homes, and neighborhoods in your community. Preventing pipeline emergencies is not only important to us at Busto Plumbing as service providers but also as your fellow community members and neighbors.

You Can Help Prevent Natural Gas and Propane Pipeline Emergencies

Although natural gas and propane pipeline incidents are uncommon, you should be able to recognize their telltale signs.


Blowing dirt, bubbling creeks or ponds, or dead vegetation in an otherwise green area may indicate a natural gas or propane leak has occurred.


Hissing sounds near a gas appliance or line may indicate a natural gas or propane leak.


Stay alert for the distinctive, ‘rotten-egg smell’ of natural gas or propane. If you detect even a small amount of this odor in the air or otherwise suspect a leak, you should take the following actions immediately:

1. Leave Immediately

If you ever detect a natural gas or propane leak, leave the scene immediately. Do not try to find or stop the leak.

2. No Electrical or Phone or Cell Phone Use

Do not touch anything electrical before you leave or use a telephone, not even a cell phone. Do not smoke, turn any appliances or lights on or off, or operate any vehicle or equipment, like a garage door opener, that could create a spark.

3. Call

Once you are out of the suspected area, immediately call your local gas utility or pipeline company. If the smell of natural gas or propane is particularly strong or if you sense a more serious emergency, call 9-1-1.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

An inexpensive, but effective way to know if carbon monoxide is present is to install CO alarms on every level of your home or office and in sleeping areas.

Call Before Digging

It’s a fact: Excavation work, including digging (even in the yard!) and plowing, is the most common cause of natural gas and propane emergencies. Before excavation of any kind takes place, state law requires that you call 8-1-1 so that your utility lines can be professionally marked prior to digging.